Woman who looks ’10 years younger’ than real age swears by towel hack for youthful skin

There are endless amounts of skincare products on the market that promise to provide a youthful flow, banish wrinkles or tighten up sagging skin. Unfortunately, many of them fail to deliver on their claims as not only is everyone’s skin completely different, but some of them just don’t offer the results that were promised.

One self-professed skincare guru has revealed her hero anti-ageing products as many people are baffled by her real age, as they are convinced she is far younger. Taking to TikTok to share her holy grail secrets, Isabelle, who goes by the username @isabelle.lux on the platform, showcased her glowing skin and youthful appearance on her page.

All of her skincare tips are either cheap or completely free, and are simple to follow, as they include small switches in your routine that you may never have thought of – including ditching your standard towel when drying your face.

The 30-year-old has been told by others that she looks closer to 20, but she says it’s all down to lifestyle changes rather than expensive skincare.

In the caption on the video detailing her skincare hacks, she wrote: “Lifestyle is like 80% of the skincare game honestly – little habits at home really add up”.

The first thing that Isabelle advises is that we’re all using the wrong towel to dry our face with after cleansing, as normal towels are far too ‘rough’ for our complexion.

“Stop using a regular towel when you’re drying your face. Instead, use a face-specific towel or even a paper towel,” the skincare lover urged.

“Regular towels are way too rough and hold tons of bacteria in them.”

You can pick up a pack of three microfibre face cloths for £6 on Lookfantastic, which you can re-use over and over.

Her second piece of advice is something that some of us might know, but don’t always follow. She urges people not to wash their face in the shower, as it can irritate the skin.

“You really run the risk of getting your hair products or body products pushed into your skin”, she explains, “not to mention the water is always way too hot.”

Instead, Isabelle says to wash your face in the sink with cool or room temperature water for the best results.

Her final ride-or-die skincare trick is to focus on the way you sleep, as tossing and turning can actually cause wrinkles.

“Finally, learn to sleep on your back no matter what it takes,” she noted.

“When you sleep on your side, you can develop all these wrinkles on the side of your face that nothing can repair.”

Many people flooded to the comments on the TikTok to share their wonder at the woman’s skin, and many claimed that she was using a beauty filter on the app – but Isabelle denies it.

One person wrote: “Damn that’s the best compliment when people are saying you use a filter and it’s literally just your glowing skin haha” to which the TikToker replied “I know” with laughing emojis.

Another commenter added: “30??? I thought 20!!”

A third person was shocked by the hacks, saying: “Oh so hot water is BAD! For your face!!? I didn’t know that thanks”.